Epoxy Injection System

PILGRIM UWC LV Cartridge is a two-component, high strength, low viscosity, fast set, epoxy resin adhesive, packaged in a side by side 450 ml cartridge.

Provides point-of-use application to save time, material and minimize health hazards. The PILGRIM UWC LV Cartridge provides a unique method of handling, storing and dispensing of two component materials. Ideal for low to medium volume material users that wish to eliminate problems associated with the use of two component epoxy adhesive.

Surface Crack Repair

TRANSPO Sealate T-70 is a specially formulated, high molecular weight methacrylate resin system that is highly effective for sealing and filling cracks in concrete structures. It is available in both T-70 and T-70 MX-30 formulations.